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high skies

The History of Earth Observations -single

lofi voices, pulsing electronics


NEW The 2nd release in a new series.
Lofi crackly voices give a weather report from space, accompanied by pulsing, chilled and twittering electronics 

Video incoming… Earth orbits.

high skies

Saturn in Freefall -single

deep phased electronics


How it feels to be trapped in a decaying orbit around Saturn, with little chance of escape.
Video… the harsh radioactive environment of space.


Gas 0095

raw electronics, beats, ambience


First released on the cult Emit label and includes the breakout track, Microscopic.

The original CD has been known to fetch large amounts on eBay. Remastered at 32-bit, 192kHz.

high skies

The World Forgotten – single

gentle melodic electronics


Let waves of delicate melodies wash over you in an eight minute ballet of electronics.


As heard on the cult ambient art site

high skies

Sounds of Earth

skylab meets blade runner


Lost soundtrack to the Voyager’s golden record, the most distant object made by humans. Includes the breakout track The Shape of Things to Come, as heard on the cult game Osmos.





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